How to be Rude,Politely

          This is funny folks!

   This is a different way to look at manners!


How to be Rude, Politely delivers just what the title implies; how to deal with situations you'd rather not deal with. 

 Polite: A display of consideration, tact, deference or courtesy.

 Rude: Lacking refinement or delicacy, uncivilized, coarse and/or vulgar.

How To Be Rude Politely elevates the fib to the status of art form enabling  the reader to achieve artful dodger status creatively and effectively while avoiding humiliation. The fib is not malicious like a lie, but rather a trivial untruth, usually unsheathed to avoid hurting someone‘s feelings. Fibbing  effectively helps preserve friendships, reputation, and self respect.

If you have ever been embarrassed when your dog violated a neighbor’s lawn, grudgingly displayed enthusiasm over a co-worker’s new baby, or suffered the wrathful fallout from a forgotten anniversary or birthday, this book will help you strategize techniques to avoid unpleasant consequences. Not by lying, but by fibbing with aplomb. In other words….by being rude…politely.

Illustrations by the acclaimed illustrator Daniel Pearlmutter enhance the verbiage.

Books are available through and Barnes and Noble. They may also be ordered through the publisher, Reedy Press

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                                  TABLE OF CONTENTS

  1. How To Get Two Desserts PAGE 6
  2. Passing the Bread PAGE 12
  3. When a Friend or Acquaintance Introduces Baby PAGE 14
  4. How to Avoid Accepting an Unexpected Invitation Even When You Don’t Have Time to Think of a Good Excuse PAGE 23
  5. Inviting People to Parties Knowing They Can’t Come PAGE 28
  6. Excuses for Not Going Someplace You Don’t Want to Go PAGE 31
  7. Leaving a Party PAGE 34
  8. When Your Dog Violates a Neighbor’s Lawn PAGE 39
  9. How to Insult People in Ways That Make You Feel Good and They Believe is a Compliment PAGE 42
  10. Excuses and Other Strategies for Passing Wind PAGE 46
  11. Upon Discovering a Close Friend or Relative with “Another” Man Or Woman PAGE 52
  12. How to Avoid a Fight PAGE 56
  13. When Something’s Unsightly in a Partner’s Nose PAGE 64
  14. Passing the Buck (Or Blaming Others for Your Mistakes) PAGE 66
  15. Upon Receiving Incorrect Change PAGE 71
  16. How to Keep Friends From Using Your Pool PAGE 74
  17. The Toilet Seat PAGE 79
  18. Upon Inviting All Your Kindergartner’s Friends to a Party and Then Realizing You Left Out One; The Class Brat PAGE 83
  19. Forgetting Someone’s Name PAGE 87
  20. Changing Subjects When You Have No Interest in What Someone is Saying or Don’t Understand What They’re Talking About PAGE 91
  21. How to Get Around Forgetting An Anniversary, Birthday, or Some Other Important Occasion PAGE 96
  22. When Someone Asks You to Guess Their Age PAGE 103
  23. To People Who Complain About Being Overweight PAGE 107
  24. On Lying PAGE 112